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Artist Statement 

“I live in a very charged part of the world – tactile, auditory and energetic moments firing sensations at all times. I chose not to consciously absorb them all. That said, things click and stay inside me, perhaps in hidden spaces of my mind.”


My work reflects these daily pockets of experience and memory, allowing for sensations and manifestations to authentically emerge. These reminiscences are malleable, versatile, powerful and, ultimately, greater than the source: myself. 


What I make is ever-changing and evolves with no material manipulation, no alteration of the materials’ desired outcome. My art is meant to be a safe space where bravery is rewarded. When there is resistance from the work, or the work feels resistance from me, I use my practice to create strength, where discomfort is held as lightly as ease. These feelings pass through a journey – free, gentle, perfect in its imperfection – where nothing, absolutely nothing, is wrong. 


In rhythm with colors, undulation and movement across the canvas – being the canvas, the experience of the work asks less of ourselves. If the good is good, and the process has worked, I and all of us are transformed.


My home and culture – both individual and collective – allow for a process, lexicon and community, where my work can be viewed as precious and also sparks global conversations, experiences and deep connections. No matter the direction, we must always look inward first.

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