Creative Agility

For those who create, this will resonate. Creating holds a beautiful polarity — while a necessity to make moves like a speeding train, like all things we choose to integrate art into our life. Art is often romanticized, and its descriptions have been known to be and continue to be grand and tragic. The baseline emotion of grandeur or tragedy is often true; we are required to access and altered state when we make, we feel all of it, that is how I orchestrate an immersive experience and originality is born.

I learned early on that although art can be described to originate from the esoteric, it is formal. The expectations for it to function in a systemic industry with dominating elements of buying & selling is an inevitable aspect if its existence. With this, we learn the criticality and somewhat clunky learning process of adaptability.

What is adaptability to the creative industry? We are learning daily, challenged by what we think we are know well. Adaptability in this context, is something else entirely. Adaptability for a creative or a visual artist is how fast, and promptly can we move through change — Agility.

Agility may stand for a common meaning and energy in all industries. However, in the artistic space — through private learning and public experimentation I have learnt that creative agility is facilitated most successfully through collaboration.

Collaboration is also a deeply layered process — the vulnerability that it births and insists we engage with can be trying and push us to the edge of what we need to learn. It expects our best selves to show up and fuel the experience with agility — using our creative ways to do so and move through an experience easily.

I have spoken about isolation of the mind and the very process inherent to the creative arts. Agility will move in regardless of isolation, and collaboration has the ability to free and facilitate flight for an artist, their work and their ability to be agile in times of trying & adoring change.

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