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Est. Form: Edition II

Where Art meets Fashion, Dance & Movement 

Oona x House of Sohn

Wearable Art 






Oona x Pia Sutaria x Shivin Grover 

Art x Dance & Movement 



Oona & HoS x Olga Malinovoskaya

Wearable Art x Dance & Movement 

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Est. Form

Oona x House of Sohn 

Edition I: Art x Fashion 

Where art & fashion meet, converse and engage. 

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Permanence | Ephemerality

A Dual Collaborative Exhibit 

Works by - CV Peterson &

               Oona Shambhavi D'mello 

CV Peterson and Oona Shambhavi D’mello are two culturally based artists that work with elements of meditative repetition and simplicity.


This work brings together expressions in painting, drawing and a collaborative work that employs both painting and artifacts of performance.  This works strives to push the boundaries of the artists’ studio practice with a distinctive overlay of these two specific practices.







Untitled - Collaborative Work 

3.5ft x 6ft

Rice Paper & Ink on Canvas 


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