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The Choiceless-ness of 'Making'

The COVID-19 virus hit the world and everything stopped. The halt was immediate for some, while gradual and resistant for others. Now the world, across religions and borders shares a common crisis — kicking and screaming we are all in quarantine.

The quarantine has brought with it not only the logistical implications of managing our homes but some unexpected and nourishing elements of peeling back the layers of our family systems — getting to the heart of the bulb, the center of the nucleus.

Amidst a world and wind of uncertainty — while I sit in my home in Bombay, India surrounded by a family passionately keeping their spirits high, working hard and inventing ways to connect with the world around them through OD, people development, academia, coaching etc. — I find myself a bit lost.

I am a visual artist.

I have been an independent artist for over 10 years, now represented and finding my stability. Then we get hit by a life-threatening jolt that we cannot see, and that can be transferred through social interaction.

I find myself a bit lost.

Right here, this very moment is the ‘bulb’ of quarantine — the isolation of the mind. My work is nourished through people. People and interactions allow for me to tune in, into myself and feel inspired to generate stories through visual art.

I adore what I do. Quite frankly, I cannot imagine doing anything else. I am filled with deep and nurturing gratification when I create. The fairy lights of my imagination twinkle, shine and glow.

The life of an artist is a choice. There is truth in that controversial saying — and yet, it reflects such a distant understanding of the humanity of a creative that is fueled by ‘making’. Yes, making is a choice, but the intoxicating desire pushing it, is choice-less.

So I find myself searching for answers, what happens to my ecosystem now? How do I experience the dimensions of my work as I once did?

The polarity is staggering. Creativity in solitude isn’t seen. yet that very solitude is what keeps one safe. The circumstances at hand are calling on reinvention that is unimaginable to grasp, yet my rational mind proclaims, “So what, you have to continue making”.

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